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Friday, June 12, 2015

Old time Oceanside folks just call it “The Bandshell.” 
 Improvements are proposed and everyone can have an input.
  It’s the Junior Seau Amphitheater  on the beach  just south of the pier. The City of Oceanside is proposing several alternatives   for the bath house,  the 80-year old sewer  lift station that is adjacent and  maybe a new building either one or two stories.
Better rest rooms,  improved beach access and screening for the trash cans are under consideration.
The City is conducting a “survey monkey” on line survey to help narrow down the possibilities.  If you didn’t get one you can easily find it on the City’s website.
There  is some talk about a major effort to quash making any changes.  Sure the locals love the funky traditions.  But at a minimum in my opinion better stairs, easier disable access and  nice restrooms would be a minimum.  Funkiness aside.
And  we  need some folks to get busy and put together some more of those great summer concert series. 

Seriously folks, a lot of our visitors feel attached to this place.  The own time shares or they rent the same place to come every year.  The love this place and they feel attached to all of the good stuff that is starting to happen here.  Bring them on and make it better for them.

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