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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So I love my car

Trains seem like such a good idea to planners. I took the Coaster when I was studying Dreamweaver at Palomar College a few years ago. That was to avoid the daily parking trauma at the campus.

But as for day to day life I am a terrible conserver of resources. As a "senior citizen" (I call myself a product of the 50's) I see my car as "freedom." I go to the Y everyday and ride the lifecycle and am back within an hour. I couldn't do that on the bus or train. I drive to the store , the library, downtown. I visit my family members in La Canada and the Antelope Valley. I love road trips. I know it's expensive -- I just bought a new one (2012 Honda Civic, "very sporty")-- but I am a true California Girl and will keep it until I can't drive anymore!

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